While a New Yorker by birth, I spent 15 of the most creative years of my life in the San Francisco Bay Area. I now have the very good fortune to live and paint in Boca Raton, Florida. I travel to Western Europe and throughout the Far East and continue to use these opportunities to make friends with the people of these cultures and to pursue a primary motivation I have had all my life — to develop spiritually.

My personal history has been one of striving to instill beauty in myself and my surroundings. Having attended Marymount College in New York City, I received my certification in counseling and then established my private practice before relocation to California in 1991. I am also an ordained minister and a Reiki Master as well.

My discovery of my innate painting skills arose from a very difficult experience in 1979. After learning that my dad was just put into the hospital, my fiancé and I were nervously traveling to visit him. My fiancé wanted to help take my mind off the situation, so he gave me a piece of paper and a pencil and suggested that I try to sketch something. I immediately said, “I have never sketched before, and this is not the time to start.” He gently persisted and I found myself all but unconsciously sketching his face. It seemed little more than an instant when we were getting off the train at the hospital. The good news – Dad was fine. Sometime later, my fiancé pulled the ‘drawing’ out of his pocket to show my father. Guess what? The drawing was just about a perfect likeness. We were all amazed – especially me.

Afterwards, I painted daily while taking classes at the Art Students League and The New School in NYC. Then I put my painting on hold to get married, raise a family and to establish my practice as a counselor. Many years later, and after I had moved from NYC to the San Francisco Bay area, I returned to painting and have been passionately and professionally painting full time.

My work continues to be influenced by my opportunities to travel extensively throughout the Far East (India, Japan, China and Australia), and Europe (France, England, Norway). I have also been following an Eastern spiritual path since 1987, which also included an extended retreat to India in 1991.