The magic of women pours through me. Their power, their strength and their grace tap a deep spiritual wellspring inside. As I create my art with my own kaleidoscope of color, light and form, I feel the joy of being able to share the wonder of women with the world.

Women have always been who they are; their essence has not changed over the centuries. But I am moved to celebrate the women of today who have come forward as themselves. They have given themselves permission to pursue any path in life they wish. Whether offering worship to the gods, steeped in the solitude of their own company, or dancing for all the world to see, what matters to them is the full expression of all that they can be.

I find that recently I have been drawn to painting women nude, with only the sheerest of veils circling their forms. This motif represents the feeling of total comfort these women have with their bodies, their confidence in their unique personas, as well as the exuberance and freedom they feel by having their skin embraced by the air around them.

As I delve deeper into the heart and soul of “woman,” I find that I am more and more in touch with the energy that drives my paintings. Some people who have seen my paintings tell me that I am able to express the pulse of women. Others have said that they can feel a spiritual resonance in my paintings. Knowing, as I do, that God’s presence permeates the world, I feel that when I paint, I am in touch with the most universal and loving aspects of the great goddess.